chrome ball incident #143: WOO HAH!

so much classic material from this guy. whether he's killin it with the stick or just crackin' the funnies... there can be only one ol' dirty clyzza.

and that 101 segregation joint is easily in my top 5 ads of all-time.


tp said...

Oh, hell yeah!!!! hopes that says it all.

Anonymous said...

Great post...love the one with Gino and the Steve Stedham 23 Skateboard Co. Hadn't seen the Forumla 1 before.

Keith said...

Acme week begins LOL

Took me a while to warm up to his style but 20 shot sequence brought it over the hump for me. That 101 section was so epic. The song + Dill + Clyde+ Gino.

Keith said...

I should also add he had a sick 411 profile but I can't find it anywhere online. Jayme Fortune had a rookies iirc in the same issue.

johnspark said...

thanks for the Clyde post, havent seen that front board photo either.
He has been one of my favs ever since that acme ad u featured came out.

ACME week, year that is pretty funny, bo ikeda fans watch out lol