chrome ball incident #140: who got the props?

"Orange County's prestigious Most Underground-Ass Skater Award goes to Quy (pronounced 'kwi') Nguyen, whose amazingly technical and consistent skateboarding has gone almost wholly unnoticed for well over a decade now. Congratulations Quy." -Ed Templeton

I realize I only posted the second page of that next to last Prime Ad... sorry Jason Maxwell.


smorales said...

who got the, COME ON!

dude ripped. anyone know what he's up to?

Keith said...

I have a soft spot for all Asian skaters who made it. Go Quy! He's one upright skaters. Not a whole lot of knee bend but not a terrible style either.

Wouldn't surprise me if he went on to be some sort of scientist of doctor. That is the typical Asian stereotype. haha i'm chinese.

Anonymous said...

Loved his part in Fight Fire With Fire.

Anonymous said...

Sick skater but very lazy/media shy. He kind of makes Mariano seem like a media whore

J-DUBS (also from Oz)