chrome ball incident #136: shadowboxing

quick update featuring the chop socky steez of one quim cardona.

(not sure exactly how I went from blender to quimtime but I'm just gonna roll with it)

lots of stuff to check out today... sing-along with stereo's new agency field report and then go re-up on some gino.


Agostinho said...

you're a fucking legend mate!!!!!!

thanks lol.

Royce said...

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

OK I grew up skating with Quim and his brother Mike (R.I.P).
You won't meet a nicer, ,ore generous person than Quim.
Say what you will about him being a space cadet, this dude KILLS it.
No video part has really done him justice. Quim has been skating for so long shit is just second nature to him the dude is just gifted.