chrome ball incident #135: got four bald tires

"One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high-powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die."
-Hunter S. Thompson referring to Neil Blender

Not sure how this is going to play to the younger dudes... but the kids need to know.

and I think I'd just about sacrifice a limb for a print of that O photo up top.


Anonymous said...

I love my coffee break deck & ho-ho plants:


chops said...

oh my god, jason. you get chrome ball props for life on that one. i know that joint was like $500 on heated wheel. Damn!

i wanted one of those so bad but had to go the cheap route with the black label reissue... but since we're at it:


neil's response to a fan letter i wrote him, 1988.

smorales said...

how many of the chrome ball incidents would you say you are in possession of?

Oh yeah and Blender kills.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seriously one of my heros. Never saw the thrasher thing before either...
is he involved with the workshop in any capacity any more? (probably not, but a boy can dream)

Anonymous said...

That letter is priceless (great sticker). I was lucky enough to have the coffee break deck in a yellow wood stain back in the day. and from memory it did have good concave. Here's a photo of Blender in Victoria (AUS) taken by Lance Mountain (Transworld - June 1989 Volume 7 Number 3).


You gotta love black Rat Bones.

rustic_fences said...

Neil Blender & Jason Jessee 'Full Power Trip' Gullwing 1990


Keith said...

crazy. Blender was always so smooth on a board. I was never a huge fan back in the day.

I can remember that G&S graphic but I never had one. Only old G&S boards I had were a Chris Miller and a Street Chomp.

chops said...

i don't have any of neil's actual art or prints or anything unfortunately. i missed my opportunity with the heated wheel... but if anybody can hook me up with a way of getting some, i'd be more than appreciative.

for having started a blog named after the strip, i don't have any actual copies of a chrome ball incident... i only have ads and reproduced stuff. this is sad.

i feel you ed... neil's a personal hero of mine also. and not just for his skating, but just how he did his own thing regardless (like gonz or templeton... straight heroes, man).
i don't think he has anything to do with the workshop anymore, or has for a while now. unfortunately its more burton than blender these days.

econo, neil's backflip is the shit.

keith, what miller board did you have? that faces joint is a classic, too.

Keith said...

I had the lizard one with the pointy nose. It was on sale at the skate shop because he had just switched to Schmitt Stix and I had his first board from them as well with the cat.

Anonymous said...

I rode in that car! We had eaten acid the night before...us younger dudes. Jason Jessee, Steve Claar, and Neil drank a handle of cheap vodka in the kitchen.

At one point after our acid kicked in, Neil came over and told this story:

"So this man was cleaning his house...he cleaned all around. He cleaned behind the couch and noticed there was lichen behind it. You know, like moss. He cleaned it up, didn't think much of it.

A few weeks later, his phone rang. THE LICHEN WAS ON THE PHONE!"

The next morning we drove to breakfast in that car. Someone cut him off for a parking spot. He goes, "That's what I like about that guy. He knows where he's going."

Everything that comes out of Neil's mouth is classic.

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