chrome ball incident #67: symptom of the universe

If you would've told me 15 years ago about how things would eventually turn out for Sanch and his career, I wouldn't have believed you. And in a way, I still can't believe how shit has gone down. Its just unbelievable to me.

The ad up top, combined with this part, represents the pinnacle moment for Henry's career. In a summer that saw videos from virtually every single Rocco-owned board company, Sanchez's "Pack of Lies" segment essentially proclaimed to all that the world was his. Its easy to shortchange the skating of this era as just huge pants, small wheels, pressure flips, and late-shoves, but its actually much more than that. At its root, it comes down to simply exploring this new realm of technical street skating... and Henry was at the forefront, barging at full speed. Beyond influential.

And then it just seemed to slowly unravel for him. The article is from the summer of 93, slightly before Girl was born... without Henry. Probably the last interview of Henry's where his words aren't expressing some form of regret, this is from a time when shady business dealings, industry politics, and his own youthful mistakes had yet to come to the foreground of his career.

It is common to wonder how far Sanchez would have progressed street skating and what avenues he would have taken it down had he switched to Girl (or at the very least, gotten a solid board sponsor). To be honest, I always thought he'd end up eventually getting on Girl, kinda like Sal and Plan B. Its still hard for me to accept the fact that Henry was fixing cars in the garage instead of wrecking shit in Fully Flared (although I'm still hoping for another comeback). I just don't think kids get how important he was/is to this whole shit. Legendary status.

Regardless, enjoy the interview and if anybody knows that secret recipe for a Lotti sandwich, let me know. Maybe someone should ask him.


Watson said...

Holy fuck that Slap thread was crazy.

Anonymous said...

Henry was/is the shit, and I thought it was cool that he was on slap (is he still? i never check)

admin said...

henry was the fucking don.
just kind of repeating what you said but that pack of lies part was so sick. used to watch it everyday.

chops said...

yeah, that slap thread is amazing. he's on there a good bit through various aliases but I don't think he's been on there for a minute. i'm more of a lurker over there though, and could be mistaken.

and yes, admin. i'm with you, i used to kill that shit. that part is incredible and i still get pumped up every time i hear those opening chords....

pizzy said...

i liked how marc johnson did a fakie 5-0 to noseslide in fully flared just like henry did in the blind section of virtual reality. in a interview, MJ said a few tricks in his part are meant to be a dedication to the skaters who inspired him.

chops said...

i can definitely see that, pizzy.
i think there's a definite theme in fully flared of updating the formulas of certain '92-era ledge tricks... there's several in MJ's and Guy's FF parts that can be seen in pack of lies and questionable.

Keith said...

wow. That Slap thread is pretty crazy. Henry has a lot to do with the way skating progressed in the 90's. That Transworld part he shared with Marcus Mcbride was, IMO, his "comeback". Sick part for sure.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Recipe for a Lotti sandwich:

-Multi grain bread
-Kidney beans and garbonzo beans mashed together
-hummus(not sure about that one but I know there's something in it that makes it creamy)

It's really good, surprisingly.

dj twit said...

nice thoughts on Sanchez's career post-Girl