chrome ball incident #61: vital nerve

hey Alien Workshop, I realize this was over a decade ago but still... my man is throwin a switch backside tail down Hubba Hideout (not to mention the alleyway 360 kickie) and you guys couldn't even chip in a little extra for a COLOR AD? How are we gonna "Exalt the new God" and "Believe" in the "Sovereign Sect" and all that junk when you fools won't even spring for a decent-looking ad for Kalis? That shit looks like it came straight outta Smelly Curb Zine #4.

Anyway, I realize that its cool to throw out random kids, O.G. cats and whoever else when nominating dudes for having the best tre flip... but c'mon. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

switch back noseblunt in '99 or 2000? that's fucking insane.

chops said...


as much respect as he gets, i actually think he's still underrated in the grand scheme of things.

my man straight-crushes fools.

Anonymous said...

Hell yah...smelly curb zine.... Donny Humes, Ohio, the heart of it all!

Watson said...

I definitely had that switch back tail posted up on my wall when I wall-papered it with ads.

chops said...

thanks charlie, i was hoping someone would catch that reference.

Keith said...

I've always liked Kalis. His style can look a little odd at times but mostly looks good. He's one of those guys that seems to do every freaking trick. And well too.

switch bs tail on Hubba.


On Video has so many cool videos. Never watched any of them when they came out. Only on youtube the past several weeks.

Anonymous said...

the one and only

Anonymous said...

That ad looks sick in b/w. It's AWS either you get it or you don't.
Kalis is still sick though. I skated with him in S.F around that time (1994/95). He just got on Toy Machine and was throwing down ss.flip ss.bs.ts down all over the place with speed and power. Not too many people where skating like that back then.