chrome ball incident #60: tommy the cat

"the Duffster's coming up next... and the only thing I care about is not caring."



Watson said...

Dude, Plan B did a demo here while I was gone. Pat Duffy was supposed to be there and I was soooo bummed to miss it.

Apparently he didn't get over the border due to drunk driving records, and it was just P-Rod, Brian Wenning, and Ryan Decenzo. I heard they all skated good, but fuck if I care. Without Duffy I am not bummed one iota that I missed that demo.

chops said...

i know what you're saying. I mean those other guys are good and all but Duffy is legendary status.

Keith said...

One of his last Plan B ads before the Zorlac version of Plan B was amazing. In Van down the street from my pad. FS nose to bs noseblunt transfer into a bank. The sequence doesn't do the bank justice. It was huge and a lot steeper than the pictures suggest.

That On Video Duffy thing is great. Questionable is definitely in my top 3 groundbreaking skate videos in my lifetime.