chrome ball incident #59: cheesesteak

The Moses of East Coast Skateboarding. This is his manifesto (Slap, May 96). Propers to Slap for running this, which I'm sure ruffled more than a few feathers back then. Amazing.

"I want to have the best part. But my 'best part' means it makes you want to go skating more than the rest of the other parts." -Ricky Oyola, 2004.


pizzy said...

you are killing it lately

how about some illuminati ads

thanks for the great site

chops said...

thanks. I'll work in some silverstar/illuminati ads during the next week or so.

Anonymous said...

Mate!!! fucking so stoked on this interview, nice one!!!! the site rules, looking forward to the silverstar illuminati ads!

gavin said...

the days before voiceovers were pretentious. oyola is king.

"cheer up, have a fuckin' bagel alright guy?!"

Watson said...

Dude, some guy on Slap Message Boards used this interview you posted to try and diss Ricky. The line about "If you're not progressing anymore you shouldn't be pro.", saying that Ricky isn't progressing.

Fuck that. Ricky rules, always will.

chops said...

yeah, i saw that and its to be expected. a lot of people hate on that dude and look for any reason to get at him, like a 12-year-old interview... which in motor-mouth ricky-milage is equivalent to like half a century ago.

its just a different kind of skating, many people are just so tech-oriented that they don't appreciate all Ricky does on a board. granted he's never gonna be on fully flared pt 2 or anything but take him to a spot and he just makes everyone else looks silly.

I went to a silverstar demo back in the day (during the 6 months that company was around) and not only did he kill the park, he killed the 2-mile area surrounding it. rollin through like the punisher, killing entire blocks at a time. i just remember everyone skating behind him, watching him skate stuff that we'd passed a hundred times and never even thought to hit. it was incredible.

isidro said...

"take him to a spot and he just makes everyone else looks silly."

very well put.