chrome ball incident #43: pissin' on your steps

the Mayor, Big Dirt.

True story about Kelch:

The first time I ever went to SF ('95-ish), I was sitting in a restaurant with my brother having dinner when I saw him walk in. It was a Friday night and the place was packed but I swear I saw a busted-lookin' Dirt just coast right past a line full of people, kiss the hostess on the cheek and give the bartender a pound before disappearing into the kitchen. He quickly re-emerged with a big to-go box full of food that i know he didn't pay for and breezed on out the door with a big grin on his face.

The whole ballet only took about 5 minutes but I swear it was straight out of Goodfellas. I was waiting for him to tip the bartender for just keeping the ice cubes cold. Anyway, on the way out, I couldn't help myself and confirmed with that hostess that it was indeed Kelch. When I asked her if he happened to work there (cause it was just too smooth), she said "No... I don't know what he does. He's just James."


Watson said...

Great story! Just started really getting into your blog, but it's really good. Love the stories to go with the ads.

I'll be bookmarking it and checking it daily. Good work!

chops said...

hey thanks, man. Glad you like it, especially the stories.

Keith said...

Great Kelch story. The dude is an SF legend for sure. I never saw him when I was there in 91. I did see him in Toronto for a Real demo in 92. Went to a rave with all the TO heads and the younger Real guys. Kelch was scamming on some girls and they kept saying "we're down with OPP (Ontario Provincial Police)!" so everyone started fucking up their car and Kelch jumps on the hood and stomps on the windshield. Straight up raw. Justin Bokma's also nuts.