chrome ball incident #42: the girls

ladies and gentlemen, the legendary style master jovontae turner.

...and that bottom one is still crazy 16 years later.


Anonymous said...

How the hell did World Industries get away with running that ad? I know it was a joke, but my god...imagine the media maelstrom that would follow them if they ran something like that these days.

Watson said...

That top ad is so funny. Looks like a backside flip? But isn't that the "hip" at Wallenberg that actually isn't a hip at all, it's just a mellow hill?

chops said...

That top one's gotta be towards the end of my man's reign. I think holmes just got out the car, shot that shit in 5 minutes then left and got a burger. "I'll let the Art Dept. figure somethin out".

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's Wallenberg. And look how low the angle is, the photog is definitely tryin hard with that one.

But for real, and I looked for a while, there are very few good photos of Jovontae skating... which I think is weird cause he was such a stylish skater. I almost put up that Thrasher cover and there was a fuckin Vision Street Wear ad that wasn't too awful, but that was it.

Some of those Girl/Chocolate kids can be a straight-up hermit squad.

Keith said...

The majority of Jovontae's World boards had some sort or harsh stereotype or racial slant. More than any other Prime wood rider. You could never get away with that now cuz skating is so popular. Back in early 90's skateboard depression, companies just did whatever the hell they wanted... until the cease and desist papers arrived.

JayCee said...

Tae Tae. I'll say this much: I once saw Jason Lee in town and he was talking to someone and you know how you mess around and do a trick and say somebody's name? Like if you're playing basketball and you try a shot and you yell "Jordan". We'll I remember Jason standing there doing a 360 flip but just with his front foot and saying "Jovantae". I was like, wow, people usually do that kinda stuff and say his name and he does that and says Tae's name. That's when you know you got it!

I swear there were days when I'd be skating with him and I'd be thinking to myself, "I don't think there's anybody in the world that could make that trick look better".