chrome ball incident #24: deathwish

finally got around to seeing the deathwish promo today (which is no joke) and it got me thinking about how incredible 101-era Marky Markovich was. Forget about his 8 billion team changes, most of which were pretty questionable in retrospect, Markovich and Frankie Hill were the first dudes I remember to come out all gnarly, jumping off buildings and shit. So even though he used to skate around with those weird beads in his mouth all the time, you can't deny dude's influence.

check out that photo. I believe that's Stuart's camera to the left with Markovich's shadow to the right in white.... aces.

Extra credit for Markovich riding one of my favorite team board series that nobody ever seems to talk about or have photos of: the Blind Racing Team series. I remember Sanchez was #7 and Lee was either #23 or #33...



Keith said...

Here's the Blind Racing Series. Jason Lee board with curb feelers haha

shiftace said...

so a frankie hill spotlight coming soon? cant sleep on powell sweat pants and cavemans on 20 stair sets