chrome ball incident #23: dig deeper

Paulo Diaz during his phase at Lockwood where he seemed to be changing the world with every photo. Switch ollie off flatground over one of this kiddie picnic tables. 1993. Beautiful layout.

Read this but never saw this.

You can laugh at some of those musician kits he rockin in there but its still better than playing 1977 rock-n-roll dress-up like some other pros be doing. Give me some Paulo over Corey Duffel anyday. Plus, dude was on Beck's Odelay and Guero... so that pretty much gives him license to wear as much crazy shit as he wants.


Keith said...

Paulo Diaz was crazy back in the day. I remember watching some raw footage of him skating at Lockwood that Jody Morris' showed me. So ill. Long ass arms, mad pop. So unique. Seeing him skate in real life at Slam City Jam one year was incredible. The exact opposite can be said about Gino. So underwhelming in real life. At least that year he was.

B said...

Not only the best switch ollie tilll this day ,but probably the best nollie eva!!!

Jim Rhodes said...

You want me to check this link? I will do that if you want me to. I think it will be nice for me.