chrome ball incident #22: stars and sons

Rickoo. Beryl Banks. 1993-ish. Looks like a frontside half-cab kickie.

I know you're supposed to say that Daewon Song or Jeremy Klein used to really kill this spot, but I thought Rick's switch tre flip in Virtual Reality straight clobbered fools. I wish someone would upload his part from Adventures in Cheese up somewhere. Not sure if I know where mine is.

Amazing photo... AND LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!!


crazyj said...

I remember checking this ad out around the prescribed time period enjoying a delicious "Mystic Cooler". A friend turned me on to that delicious "Fuck Snapple" taste. I always enjoys me some post Gullwing Rick.

Anonymous said...

i remember those pumas, every skater in Sydney (aust) had them in 93...there were the powder blue ones and red ones (i think)....there so dope..

does anyone know what they are called?

Unknown said...

They were called Puma Clyde's, now they're called Baskets.