chrome ball incident #600: hardcore

I'm completely aware that I wasn't supposed to make it this far in skateboarding or in life for that matter.

Growing up in Alabama, I never could've imagined being on the cover of a skateboard magazine; it seemed obvious those types of opportunities were for the gifted, the chosen ones.

Regardless, I dreamed of cruising down the streets of California and blasting over fire hydrants like Matt Hensley or jumping down perfect double-sets like Kris Markovich. Truth is, these dreams were all the fuel I needed; they set the goal and I just worked one day at a time to make it happen.

My unlikely story and willingness to work seemed to inspire several key people to give me a shot. For these opportunities, I am forever grateful and I try to do the same for everyone I can. I guess the moral of the story is, follow your dreams and if you ever reach them, help someone else follow theirs.

I would like to thank these fine people for giving me a chance:
Tony Guerrero, Mike Johannes and Plus Skateshop, Steve Shrewgy, Bryce Kanights, Jim Thiebaud, Gabe Morford, Tobin Yelland, Lance Dawes, Dave Bergthold, Ruben Orkin, Grant Brittain, Dave Swift, Skin Phillips, Miki Vuckovich, Tod Swank and Ed Templeton.



chops said...

Thank you all for the support you've given the chrome ball incident over the last 600 posts.

And thanks to Jamie for his help on this one.

Special mention to my special lady, Ms. Peel. Thank you for being the best and putting up with this shit. I love you.

tooner said...

so sick. much respect.

Anonymous said...

A perfect 600. Here's to 600 more.

Robert Mallon said...

600, wow! Keep up the great work! Chrome Ball allows even the crankiest of us old farts moments of nostalgia induced happiness.

And muchas muchas respect to Jamie Thomas!

Dan said...

chops, could you post the caption for that Big Brother cover please? I remember it being a belter - maybe by Carnie - something like "Jamie Thomas gives a 21-stair salute to all you curb-dwelling sissies". Totally on the money.

Five-o Cheapster said...

Super stoked - another home run. Props.

Anonymous said...

Great work Chops. Btw, very much enjoyed the interview you had with ESPN. And thanks to the Chief for weighing in!

pupape said...

The definition of "skate rat".

Christopher Bywater said...

One more cover


Respect said...

Jamie is kind of like the Rocky of skateboarding. I love how the EMB guys hated on him and he stayed to it, determined. While their careers were fizzling out, Jamie was just starting. Jamie probably ended a few skaters careers with his video parts. Now Jamie is a huge factor in skateboarding and the industry. People hate on him but what the hell, this is skateboarding. I dident know that we all had to act the same and dress the same. But being the great guy that Jamie is, he would probably give one of those EMB guys a job in his warehouse packing boxes. Go get it!

Steve M said...

Wow, look at that "supermodel issue" kickflip--I didn't realize Jamie used to be such a mobber.

The issue #150 back smith is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Can you post that "Rocco Revealed" article from the polejam front feeble transworld? Anyway great post, love the chief

Taso g. said...

A true inspiration.

What a way to celebrate 600. Congrats, but especially: thank you so much for all your hard work.

Royce said...

So much goodness. Hubba shot with the dweller, 360 flip the diego chain, blasting the huge davis gap so many years ago and the 5-0 180 out.

Great choice Chops!


chops said...

Thanks guys.

Dan, that's totally the caption. How I miss Big Brother.

Glad you enjoyed the interview, Anon2. I had the flu at the time and hadn't eaten in 3 days. Now its framed for posterity. I do think it turned out well though.

Thanks Christopher. Dude has had so many covers... pretty incredible.

Anon3, that Rocco article is pretty recent and with the shaky legal ground this site is sprawled out upon, i try not to scan in too "new" of articles. sorry man.

thanks royce. 1up.

dflip said...
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Anthony Do said...

Funny how I clicked on this right after watching the latest Kalis Epicly Later'd, which also pays major tribute to JT.

Watson said...

Supermodel Issue! I think that was the second skate mag I ever got in the "modern" era of skating. Loved it.

Keith said...

congrats E on making it to 600. That means I'm probably close to 600 replies.

kf over the motorcyle is a nice shot.

360 flip over the chain. That would freak me out. Hanging up on a chain would suck.

I bought my friend an Invisible JT board for his birthday in 94. It had a landscape type graphic with a sun. I think it was JT's first pro model on Invisible.