chrome ball incident #593: the asian elvis

one of those dudes that can do no wrong in my book. word to railchomper215.

and its probably just me but I can't help but think one reason why enjoi's ads have always been amazing is because so many of their riders had to put up with Maple's shitty ones for so long.

just sayin'.


Croupier said...

They were pretty fucking lame, you're right. This part always makes me wanna go destroy stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Po5uF6iDxbI

fabo les lyfe wear said...

yo jerry, who ya boys

*beep beep beep*

awww yeyeah

cuz we fabo les

dj twit said...

its true, smoking is cool.
and Jerry rips, sick skater

Anonymous said...

I like that Louie gave Maple a shout out on the cover of Bag of Suck

Tiltmode Fan said...

I have trouble determining what era of Jerry I like more, Maple/Osiris or Enjoi/Emerica?

Keith said...

lol at Maple. They were like a stepping stone company. Quite a lot of good skaters went through them.

It's not easy making a super squat look decent. Jerry pulls it off.

Stoked on Hsu. His Epicly Laterd was solid.

chops said...

anon1, good call on the louie maple shout-out. love that dude.

Andrew said...

Definately agree with Tiltmode Fan!!
All the era's are classic jerry shreddage!!
Big up Asain Elvis!!

mac katter said...

Tiltmode era Jerry with baggy dickies and studded belts