chrome ball incident #97: brief candles

"Look at this kid... well on his way to smoking too much weed and ending his career." -Clyzza

So much talent... glad to hear Lavar McBride is back on his board again.


chops said...

for the completists out there, i photoshopped-out most of the ridiculous caption in the sky that was ruining the lavar "clockin bank" photo.

shout out to jakarta!

Watson said...

Ahahah man great quote by Clyde.

That smith grind hubba shot: Love those DC McKay 2s!

Keith said...

Lavar has a sick new ad doing a fs nollie big flip over a gap. Not sure where it is. SF?

Always liked Lavar. When he got taller, IMO he got a lot better. Looks much better on a board. All those Jimmy Cliff tracks in Trilogy were great.

go jakarta.