chrome ball incident #96: cream of gold

I've realized through doing this blog that a good Cardiel jawdropper is the only way to really feel clean again after looking at so many flat rail 50-50s and Mike Santarossa flicks.

There is no other skater that had so much coverage of such a superior quality. Nobody.

Not even close.


smorales said...

I want to see the photo of gonz's drop to face slide on the carwash banks that night.

Keith said...

The gonz face slide is in the Cardiel Epicly Later'd. Can't remember which episode though. It's worth watching all of them though. I was so out of the loop, I didn't even know Cardiel was fucked until I saw his Epicly Later'd.

smorales said...

yeah, the footage is also in the self-titled anti-hero video. In the footage you can see the camera flash go off on the fall, im saying id like to see that photo.

chops said...

i remember seeing a sequence of gonz eating it at the carwash oddly enough in Grand Royal magazine #3... (don't know why that sticks out) but it wasn't the infamous faceslide one. this one was taken during the day, but that's the only one i know.

does anybody know if gonz ever made it? (never thought i'd ever ask that question)

shiftace said...

Nothing more tragic than Card's accident. Every skateboarder in the world can personally thank Cards for actually getting hurt, because if he didn't nobody else would have stood a chance. I'm not feeling his current "fixie" bike dealio but will say he's a fucking go-getter and 100% skateboarder and thats all that matters.