guest post: clyde singleton on gino iannucci

 ...and 53 seconds of classic unseen Gino footage, 
courtesy of Mighty Healthy.

One night, we were all sitting around Dyrdek's, playin hockey on Sega Genesis. Rob comes in the room and goes, "Hey Clyde... it's Natas... he wants to talk to you."

We all laughed and I grab the phone. On the other line was this guy claiming to be Natas, saying that him, Dill and Gino saw my footage at World. I told him he was full of shit and if it really was Natas- to meet me at Pacific Drive the next day at 10am.

The next day, I wake up and go to PD and as I'm rounding the corner, there stands Natas, Dill and Gino. I almost shit myself. Here were 3 dudes I'd always looked up to, waiting at the skate shop for me.

A few minutes passed and I got confident enough to go around the corner. They all introduced themselves and said they wanted to go skate. We all packed up and headed to Sierra. After filming and shooting photos for a bit, I remember Gino busting his chin really bad and having to go get stitches. But before they left, all I remember is Gino asking me if I wanted to ride for 101.

Man, that moment in time changed my life forever. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be on 101.

The next few weeks Gino and I spent at Natas' finishing up Trilogy. Shooting ads and all that good stuff. Great times, man. I'll always have nothing but respect for Gino. One of the greatest to ever do it and also one of the coolest and most humble folks on this planet. Proud to call him a friend of 20+ years.

-Clyde Singleton

Big thanks to Clyde, Ray Mate and Mighty Healthy (@mightyhealthyny) for hooking this up.


Paul said...

I could read those kind of stories for hours! Thumbs up!

Austin said...

I think Clyde meant 20-Shot Sequence but still... Goddamn!

This is awesome!

I-N-G-O said...

Instead of constantly posting old Gino footage, he should release some new...story is awesome, though!

The 33King Network said...

little wheels cost a lot of tape

Anonymous said...

How do you tell a 41 year man to film a clip?

Keith said...

Nice one!

swith bs 180 5-0 was ridiculous.

Chips X said...


Unknown said...

Video of the year!!! HAHA! I watch your clip again and again. The line is pretty sick! Thank's "Monsieur" Chrome ball you make the beginning of my vacation even better! In a another note, i wonder if Gino is pride of the NY Islander this year, first in there division!

isidro said...

yeah,super cool!
glad to see the chrome ball is still rolling!

Anonymous said...

Classic unseen? Hello?