chrome ball incident #912: belly button

some strays that needed a good home. 

have a good weekend.

big up to sissi.



Alister said...

that Jason Lee fs Ollie straight fucking murdered me.

Long live skateboarding

JayCee said...

All amazing photos! The Mic-E footplant has a special place for me. Such a fun time in my life when that ad came out. I was just young and so in love with skating at that point. The Steve Claar photo is an absolute joy to look at! I'd kill to have been there to see that in person. Julien in that Thunder ad is so awesome. Those shorts and the aggression on his face. Classic! And I just get a feeling of pure fun looking at that Doug Smith photo. Hoping to have one of those sessions really soon.

Thanks Chops!!!

stephen said...

all great scans. thanks. doug smith pic is timeless... still love his part in public domain too. prolly one of my favorites... for some reason it just stokes me out to go skate. maybe it's the song.

Keith said...

Nice set of randoms.

Paulo foot plant almost looks posed lol

MC snarl lol and the nollie nosegrind bail is cool to see in a sequence

Howard sequence fs lip nose grind at the Tsawwassen reservoir is beyond amazing.

mikedaherneedstocallmechrome.jpg haha

Ocean sack wearing a Sanchez Blind shirt. Didn't think high flat rails were his thing.

Anonymous said...

a time before life was all f-d up! such great memories! fuck i love skating!!!!

SPRNTRL said...

Gino's fakie hard flip. Best trick done at beryl banks

Anonymous said...

throw some labels on this post! Good stuff