chrome ball incident #898: charles barkley

"The part about it being progressive or groundbreaking at the time was coincidental. I happened to be doing the right stuff at the right time. It was all a cosmic accident, mixed with my personality. I’m not one to follow and am defiant by nature, so naturally I wanted to do my own thing. Nollies and skating switchstance were my ways of rebelling in a way. It was my way of interpreting skateboarding and not following what others were doing. Now it’s the norm."

Although he wasn't the first to explore the realm of switch and nollie, Salman Agah was the one to take it to its logical conclusion. Legendary status.

And I hear he makes a damn good slice. 

Special thanks to Oliver Flores.


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when i play the younger dudes in games of skate, i like to break out the half cab, nollie one foot. (nollie south?). yeah i can't do switch 360 flips. so this is what i try to get a letter on them with. anyways, now i can finally show them a pic of how i tried to explain it to them after all this time. rad post! while we are on the subject. can we get vans to reissue his shoe. it was perfect for skating in with no socks.

A New Way of Eating said...

do a switchstance fakie nollie

Unknown said...

love old photo's especially of the Agah!Had his vans with the clown toe. Weird shoe but agree on the reissue.

Anonymous said...

the skim board, boarder

nope said...

i'll back that shoe reissue , too!

Anonymous said...

Also been wanting the Agah Vans reissue... think I mentioned it here a while back!

Sound like an old man broken record, but kids don't know how heavy this dude is!

Always surprises me when younger dudes are like "This is the Deluxe era!" And I'm like "Dude, it's been the Deluxe era since '92!"

As always, thanks Chops!

Keith said...

Nice. Especially like the one footed tail grab over the hip. Always really liked the ac/dc Real logo too.

Without Salman's switch madness, the progression of skateboarding probably would have lagged a bit.

And those Agah pro Vans were ugly as shit! The Navy/gray striped Agah rubgy shirts were the best though.

Anonymous said...

Label Kills. I couldn't find it online but 411vm Issue 26 had a sick Vans road trip,Barbee jamed on the acoustic and Agah had some good clips