chrome ball incident #896: heathers

"When pressure flips came in, it took me two days to learn them and it was the most frustrating two days of my life. Then I learned them and I realized that I don't even like them."

Marky Markovich. Not sure if this guy gets enough credit these days for the huge impact that he made back in the day.... just sayin. Legendary Status.


Bonus Post: Fellow Winona Ryder and early-90's knee casualty, Mike (not Mikey) Taylor.

Sorry for the tangent, just always thought this dude ripped.


Lucas said...

I had that Kris Kross/Marky Markovich ad in my locker during my first year of high school.

That early G&S stuff is good, too.

Mike Taylor was always a bit of a mystery to me.

drg said...

Kris came at to Australia at the height of his powers in the early 90s. Absolutely killed it at all the demos, really nice guy also. Had that Evil Knieval 101 slick loved it.

Keith said...

beads in the mouth lol

Watched a lot of Winona Riders back in the day.

That Innes sequence should have been shot at a better angle imo

I like the way that ollie over the bike looks with his palm facing the camera covering his face.

First G&S melon to fakie looks great. It's pretty amazing how hard G&S fell after all those creative types left to do Alien.

jeremy said...

Easy legend status
Almost no one else skated that fast back then

Anonymous said...

Floating ollies like no other! Holy fuck, that Union sequence! The kids of today may not give him his due because their tiny minds are too occupied with the berrics and weed leaf shirts, but this dude was the king of the world in the 90's. Anybody who has been skating for more than 10 years knows the importance of Markovich!

That Color group photo is so classic 90's. Love it!

SPRNTRL said...

hell yes. Markovich was god to me at this time

Royce said...


Unknown said...

well about half the dudes on Transworlds "30 most influential skaters" named this guy, yet somehow he didn't make it onto the list, which is lame because that magazine promoted him pretty heavily in the early nineties...

street skating was all low and tech. except for Markovich, Duffy, and Wray for years, those three dudes kept the big and fast flame alive until everyone else could catch up....and until Busenitz, nobody did catch up to Kris' speed!