chrome ball roundtable #1: eric koston

Had the opportunity to sit down with Tim Gavin, Lance Mountain and Paul Rodriguez to discuss all things Frosty for a special edition of Legend Magazine. Fun times.

Limited and free but worth tracking down if you can.

And yes, I'll post up an extended version of the article here in a few weeks.


SP said...

Where can this be found? On the web? Shops? East coast, west coast?

Chrome Ball Super Fan said...

Yes, where can we get?

Anonymous said...

tease! "chrome ball returns march 26th". THIS DOESN"T COUNT! YOU BASTARD!!!!!!

chops said...

SP and CBSF... honestly, not really sure. I know they had a bunch down at Tampa Pro but other than that... I'll ask around. Sorry I can't be of more help than that.

Anon1, thanks for giving a shit.

JayCee said...

Been getting stoked on Koston lately. Definitely wanna see that when you post it.

Unknown said...

Eric, this is Jeremy with the grip of mags down in SE.
If you can hang onto a copy I'd really like one (or even a scan). I have nearly all my mags in order.
Sorry for the delay. We have had some family matters.
If you'd like a future BK interview I may be able to arrange that for you. Also Tony (not Tommy) G.
Thanks man and I appreciate all your hard work.