chrome ball incident #877: the heated wheel


"a basic attempt at glee."

the obvious choice to end this impromptu TWS/Skate & Create tangent, Aggro Zone.
Neil''s bi-monthly showcase of all things Blender.

Scribbling meets shutter. Infinitely quotable and perfectly mysterious.Super good.

Crazy week coming up so please bear with me.

Big thanks to Quartersnacks and T-Moss.



mdspb said...


coop said...

This past week has been so great. Seriously going to have to sit down this weekend and comb through all of this.

hog said...

!!!! Awesome!!!!

Hugh Jass said...

I like the Blender ollie to tail photo. And Hawk was doing stalefish gay twists in what, 1985? WTF?

Chrome Ball Super Fan said...


This is the icing on this week's cake. Thanks.

Imagine owning a Aggro Zone t-shirt? Fuck.

@ Hugh Jass. That's 1986. The first contest of the '86 NSA series at the Skatepark of Houston.

Brad Jackson said...

I'll admit, when I saw this was an Aggro Zone post, I poured over each scan and s-l-o-w-l-y scrolled to the next one just because I didn't want to see the end of the post. You came through with some gems (as always), thanks so much for this post, one of my favorite features back in those days. Ever consider a "Skarfing Material" post haha?

mdspb said...

Brad -

stephen said...

Thanks for the link to the scarfing material blog. Too funny.

SameOne said...

hey, I was looking for a cartoon you posted a while ago that had to old guys speaking and their dialogue was like this :

"hey, whats cool?
oh, nothing...
nothing is cool!"

can you give me the link for that cartoon please, I need that.


Anonymous said...

Steve Claar HOLY SHIT

Dan Moynihan said...

Hey SameOne,

Do a google image search for "nothing is cool" and the cartoon you seek will magically appear. It was drawn by Ron Cameron.


Unknown said...

This is beautiful! The neutrals are so soothing and the variation of the tile makes a real impact. Wonderful job!
Stone Split Face

Anonymous said...

I'm way late to this, thanks so much for posting. Somehow it slipped by me. I'm curious as to what Mr Blender is up to at the moment. Anyone know if he has a blog or a site or anything?