chrome ball incident #873: spirit fingers

"In my Fulfill the Dream part, I was kind of messing around. Some tricks were serious; others was just me messing around. I didn't have the capability to drive anywhere. I couldn't plan anything out. But instead of trying to stress out and film all crazy.... I just started bustin' shit."

Legendary status.


Dave said...

Smolik is the best. Always seems so hyped on life. I remember when the first Shorty's video dropped. All my friends thought Smolik was the best. He was doing all the ledge dancing years and years before all of the Fully Flared-era stuff. A true innovator.

I love the footage (I think it was in the Storm) of him getting pulled by a dog to hit that hip over the fence, rather than a scooter.

Always struck me that he does what he does because he loves skateboarding. Gotta respect that.

That b/s 180 over the fence is incredible.

clew said...

Switch tre in Etonics...'nuff said.

Sandy Beach said...

I saw him in Vancouver at the snake run with Kanten Russell (I guess it was during the Voice era?).At the time, he just seemed like Unassuming Skateboard Guy with a crewcut. It's remarkable how much he's changed since then.

Anonymous said...

even with all the classic amazing dudes who were changing the game years before this guy came around, I'd have to say Smolik was one of the first dudes who made me think "damn, I wanna skate like THAT." His gear was pretty questionable sometimes, but that tech shit he was doing just blew us all away.

Niall said...

Killing it in Sauconys, I thought only Jeremy Holmes repped 'em.

t.a. said...

That nosegrind bigspin heel is easily the best that trick has ever looked. Smolik is easily one of the more overlooked, underrated, talent skaters ever. EVER. Smolik is one of the few guys that I don't question their decisions - he does what he does 'cause it's fun to him, nothin more, nothin less.