#854: fuck it, dude... let's go bowling

"Know who's the illest ever like the greatest story told."

Hokus Pokus night sessions at that bank to curb with the fence on top (School W?)... goddamn, that stokes me out. Nothing better. 

Starting off the new year right with this rarely seen Chicago-era Hensley interview from Lowlife Magazine, 1993.

I honestly didn't even know this existed until my man Isaac sent me the issue a few weeks ago.

How was everyone's holiday?


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Love all of these Hensley photos. Do you know who took the first one?


Dave said...

Good to have you back, Chops. Happy New Year and all that jazz. And big ups on the Transworld articles. So sick!

Justin said...

I'd never seen the interview or that backside kick flip photo before. The Vespa sticker on his helmet is perfect.

Keith said...

First melonchollie shot! nice.

The sequence labelled henshalfcabflipchrome.jpg... is it? It's described as a bs flip but it almost looks stationary judging by where that oil spot at the bottom of the page is.

He single handedly put A1 Meats on the map.

BS lip photo down the line looks amazing. Kingsize!

I wonder if that skater from Colorado was ever like "I inspired that graphic!" I'd be super stoked for sure. And $9000/month when skateboarding was dying is a nice lump.

Cool interview. Never seen that before. Barely heard anything for a while after he retired from Plan B. I'm guessing this is pre-EMT/paramedic?

nick zee said...

So sick, excellent post!

Have you seen this? I found it a few weeks ago, and I can't stop watching it, super cool, wish there was more.



Nick Zee

welch said...

so sick. going to skate in minutes and just saw this. "yeaaaah matt."

chops, let's meet up in tampa for the pro. the am is way too packed and silly for my old ass, but the pro is way more mellow.

chops said...

Barney, I'll check for you but I believe it's grant.

and yeah, I'll be down there, Welch. We should meet up, for sure.

Keith said...

I can't believe this amazing post only generated 7 posts 8(

Style pioneer. Hensley was the shit for a good while there.

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i am glad that this mag finally found a home and will be properly archived for all the skaters to check out. i dont know how that mag stuck with me thru all these years but it did. i think it was powells way of trying to market itself like a smaller company. anyways glad your back. keep on trucking!