chrome ball x transworld skateboarding #10

Rounding off the list at #10 is our most mysterious entry, Brian Lotti's farewell letter from January 94.

“Conventional skateboarding at it’s finest.”

Technically not even a Spotlight, TWS’ only “Pro Flashlight” proved a powerful reminder of how beautiful skateboarding could look once you scraped off all that videocaptured early-90’s grotesquery. But what did it all mean? Floating doll heads, a bright yellow jumpsuit and an enigmatic handwritten letter would only serve to heighten the Lotti legend as injury forced Brian underground shortly after the issue went to press.

Timing is of the essence. 

Big thanks once again to Skin, Kevin, Blair and the folks at TWS for letting me grace their pages. Truly an honor.

Special guest post on Monday to close out 2012. See you then. 


Brendan said...

Great picks,Chops.
Keep up the good work and have a great 2013!

Keith said...

Lotti flashlight. Perfect