chrome ball incident x transworld skateboarding #7

For those that were around back then, the November 95 issue of Transworld blew minds upon its release and remains one of the greatest of all-time. Number 7 on our list was the cherry on top.

“Powell was dope. Stacy was way cool—I don’t know about George.”

To be honest, it was totally unnecessary. Boasting a Kalis cover, a Koston interview and an Ari Marcopoulos retrospective, the November ’95 issue already had more than enough going for it. But with a second Spotlight featuring 10 full-pages of the ever elusive/ever grown Guy Mariano, it became one for the ages.

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Dave said...

Merry Christmas, Chops. Soooooooooo dope. Somehow Guy Mariano of the now pales in comparison to the Guy Mariano of this interview (of course this is all relative -- he's still my favorite). Sounds stupid to say, but everything about Guy from that era oozed style (the hair, the clothes . . . hell, the kick-turn at that brick-ledge spot in Mouse after he does the switch back tail).

He'll always be tops for me, and it's so sick to see him kick his demons and get back on top of the game. Everyone loves a comeback and the level of tricks he's been doing is insane. But still, something golden about the Mouse era. Guess I've turned into the old guy reminiscing about the good old days.

Regardless, big ups for doing this. Guy rules.

Dave said...

oh, and lets not forget his Axion pro model and co-creating Fourstar. That shoe and those clothes (with respect to the line they were putting out at the time) were so on point for that era.

Rich Mondva said...

Maybe it's like art. It's much more technically advanced today, but doesn't have the same impact of Picasso, Van Gogh, etc.

steve m said...

Is there a video of that switch backside T?

chops said...

Hey steve, i believe its in Paco's Girl montage