chrome ball incident x transworld skateboarding #1

For those of you who have yet to see the latest issue, I was asked by Transworld to choose my Top 10 Pro Spotlights that have blessed their pages throughout the years and with TWS being the first skate mag I ever bought, I jumped at the chance. So as the year winds down, we're going to be revisiting some of Transworld's finest moments each day starting with my #1 pick, Matt Hensley's August 90 magnum opus.

“I still don’t find myself on the same level as those guys. I’m so used to looking up to them, not competing against them.”

There’s not a geezer out there that doesn’t get the warm and fuzzys every time they see that overpass ollie. But while the photographs blared 360 ollie one-foot tailgrabs, the text revealed a quiet 19-year-old kid nervous about meeting Mark Gonzales. It was this piece combined with his recent Hokus Pokus slight-of-hand that truly sent Matt’s career into orbit while simultaneously sending the rest of us out to buy cargo shorts at the Army-Navy store.

Enjoy: Cargo shorts and chain wallets. (Late pass here)

Special thanks to Skin Phillips, Kevin Duffel, Blair Alley and the TWS Massive.


drg said...

That list of your 10 favourite interviews is sick!! A lot of good memories there... glad to see Lotti get a look in.

Remember there also being some sick ones from the 80s, I sort of read them in retrospect as they were a tiny bit before my time... Lance, Miller, Blender and Gonz's always stood out.


Anonymous said...

ok, but anyway tws sucks. It's almost thin as it was in 1992 , and the last issue was all about what kind of deck pros ride, and a catalog.
thank you, now I can skate better.

(chrome ball kick ass anyway!)

stephen said...

That bridge Ollie still amazes me. Wtf!? So gnarly. Probably the best skate photo of all time.

Dan Moynihan said...

Congrats! This is awesome. I had most of the Hensley spotlight taped to my bedroom walls. Gonz's was also one of my faves. And Tommy Guerrero.

Keith said...

Nice job Eric!

Hensley would have been my top pick as well.

Anonymous said...

His interview- particularly at the end- almost foreshadows leaving the public eye, Chicago, being an EMT, etc. "Which way should I go, what should I do?... I guess I'm just searching for myself"