chrome ball incident #848: reversible

Another possible argument in the ever-growing debate of the term "switch" as an antiquated notion. While I don't personally believe in this potential banishment, there are definitely dudes out there that have seemingly crossed some sort of mystical threshold where there truly is no difference is positions. Pete Eldridge is one of these people.

Regardless, thank you once again to the Girl/Chocolate Family for another incredible accomplishment. Curious what you guys thought? I'm honestly still trying to piece back together my brain.

...and that Daft Punk credits thing? Holy shitballs!


t.a. said...

Proper skater, through-and-through.
And I love a good switch 50-50, if only due to their rarity.

Having Eldridge up in here, good on ya Chops.

tylerjessereynolds said...

Loved this dude in the Bootleg days.

Pretty Sweet was great! End credits were awesome too!

Keenan Milton in the hoouusse

the highlight of the whole thing for my girlfriend was seeing Rick call out 'Heath Kirchart'

TB said...

Loved the video. At first I didn't like some of the songs, but the more I watch the more they grow on me. An instant classic, like all their videos.

Also, MJ absolutely killed it. So classy. Great song and tasteful skating.

ODG said...

I've beenon the fence about buying it (Pretty Sweet), but nearly just pooped my pants at the Daft Punk thing. Getting it today. Oh yeah,Pete Eldridge is sick!

Jeff Thorburn said...

I'll always remember a good skate buddy of mine as a kid, who doesn't skate anymore, asking me to let him know if I saw any Pete Eldridge photos in my magazines.
Still can't totally understand Pretty Sweet either. I really dug those credits though. Heavy hitters!

Anonymous said...

Eldridge needs dead proper applause - lad's been killing it for quite a minute. I dug his transworld part and all the bits he had years ago in 411/On video and so on...
...As a huge Crailtap fan, I obviously enjoyed Pretty Sweet. Was looking forward to Elijah Berle and Olson, and the Truck Boyz vibe is what we need as pissdrunx era young and fertile adults ( ha ha !! ).
But, dude, serious talk now. One entire Jesus Fernandez part, while Rick Howard doesn't get a line, Mariano getting last part and BA only pulling out 4 tricks ?! What the shnips ?! What about Popps also ?! That ship's sinking mate !! I just donnot fucking get it.
Call me crazy but I'd rather see Gino push around and do a 10 basic trick line than Mariano ( he's one of the brilliant ones though )land some 156 syllable combos.
Pretty Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Pete Eldridge is a perfect example of RAW skateboarding. So much power and amazing trick selection.

Is there a footage from that ss pop shove somewhere? Would like to have a look at it.

As far as pretty sweet go, MJ and Alex Olson gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Sweet is amazing! It took some time to realise that, though. After the first time watching i was kind of disappointed - but after a closer second look it dawned on me that Pretty Sweet is definitly a milestone and it will be hard for other companies to get anywhere near it. From the direction to the boarding - absolutley fantastic! And Guy as the icing of the cake makes me feel good! So much style and creativity - although they could have cut out 1 or 2 switch pressure varial/laser heels body varials or whatever you call that. Greets

Chromeball rules!

Dave said...

Eldridge kills it. Always loved his style.

As for Pretty Sweet, I, like most, am still processing it all. With all of the hype, the multiple premieres, the spoilers on the Slap Board, etc., it's hard to really tell if the video lived up to my expectations. I expected my brain to explode on the first watch, and while it was good (and a treat to see some of my all time favorite dudes), I wasn't absolutely blown away (but spoilers play into this, I'm sure).

I just don't know where it rates. It'll take some time to register. Maybe I'm just overwhelmed with it all. I remember being absolutely floored with Fully Flared and Mike Mo's part, mainly because I hadn't seen much of him except for Forecast. FF also seemed to usher in a new era of skating trends (maybe that's just a revisionist theory), but it seemed like there was a lot of "whoa, okay, that ledge dancing thing looks kind of dope." Perhaps that doesn't capture exactly what I'm trying to say, but it just had this "feel" to it. Pretty Sweet feels more like an extension of FF, as opposed to ushering in new trends. Does that really matter? Probably not. Am I even right in saying this? Who knows. In any event, the skating was still unbelievable (perhaps the high level of skating across the board numbs your brain to the experience?).

I do appreciate the forward thinking of Girl/Chocolate to transition to a new era of the younger dudes. I think that's what sets them apart: calculated moves, while still having fun. Still, by far (and in my mind), the best companies in the industry.

As for favorite parts, Cory Kennedy's stands out the most, at least on first watch -- had to resist immediately rewinding it and watching it a second time. Kenny's party was pretty dope. MJ: sick as usual. And while I don't get that same late 90s feeling from watching Guy, I still get super hyped to see him killing it, considering what he's been through.

Chrome Ball Forever.

Thanks for all of the entertainment, Chops.

Rossco P Coltrane said...

I'm psyched on Pretty Sweet. All the Trunk Boyz fucking shred and Corey Kennedy's part blew my mind. And I'm even hyped on Alex Olson's part, which totally surprised me. Dude has some Reese Forbes qualities to him. Berle reminds me a little of Brian Anderson. Anyway, this video is ripping. With kids shredding this hard I'm fine letting the older generation fade into the background a little. Pass the baton yo.

Rossco P Coltrane said...

Oh and if you ever get the chance to see him skate in person you'll know... Eldridge is a natural!

Pagoda said...

I like Pretty Sweet more each time I watch it. There is so much amazing skating to trip out on. Carrol's huge backside 180 over the bump and bar is the highlight for me. Kenny's power slides also got me hyped. As for the ledge combo's...if I could I would but it's hard to relate to, hence my favorite tricks mentioned above. Thanks again for your effort Chops. I hope Portland is going smooth.

Dustin Umberger said...

When I saw Guy's last trick I actually had to cup my mouth and gasp. His part was full of inspiration. I watched the whole video when it first hit Itunes but haven't revisited it yet.

Suicide's an Alternative has been begging to be used in a skate video though, and I can't think of a better skater for that song than Vincent.