chrome ball incident #845: contours

Q: "How would you define style?"
A: "Natural."

Always dig how Dune gets down. So clean.

Love this, too.

And in other news, Nov. 27th can't come fast enough.

Congrats to Guy and the Girl/Choco crew. The best.

One just got a cover, the other is gonna get SOTY... in 2012. Insane.

And a big thanks to Skateboarder Magazine for naming the Chrome Ball/Scumco Guest Board one of their top graphics of the year! Thanks guys!


vincent said...

Thunder ads were beautiful back then.

cannot wait to see Guy's part.

rnc said...


Anonymous said...

Jason Jesse, SOTY...I can't believe it!! I think his Speed Wheels part in '89 sealed the deal...

Anonymous said...

Do you know who Dune is?


Keith said...

I just saw this dlx promo from 99 where he does a 360 flip down the 7 at emb! That's awesome.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No comply up the FGO 4!!! I saw him skate there back in the day, he had the best shuvits in person. Best park on the planet.