chrome ball incident #841: to be cheerful

Figured it was about time to dust off some oldies but goodies from one of the all-time most underrated dudes, Matt Reason.


60mm wheels and a quality switch push in 1995? Forget about it.

Was finally able to see the Bones Brigade doc last week which I thoroughly enjoyed. Couple of curious decisions made in there for sure but overall, really great. What did you guys think?

Big up to Deaflens (working on it), Daher, Tempster, Brink, Scumco, Rob E Beats and Nieratko.

And just because Sandy isn't all up in the news as much anymore doesn't mean things aren't still fucked up back East. Hats off to NJ Skateshop for leading the charge. Email these guys to see what you can do to help: steve@njskateshop.com or chris@njskateshop.com

Thanks and love to my family and friends.


levon said...

love how those two feeble grind shots at Love park look like they are on a tranny. sick dude.

nope said...

Was thinking about this dude's style just this morning!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Matt Reason? I heard a rumor about him being in a psych ward or something.

rzo said...

OG Pittsburgh ripper... I saw him do a 5-0 to fakie, break his kingpin in the grind and still rode it to fakie on just his baseplate.

Giles said...

I think he got Lyme disease and it really damaged his joints.

China said...

Yeah he got Lyme disease

Anonymous said...

Dat feeble.

Jeff Thorburn said...

Chops, just saw Bones Brigade as well. Very cool, to hear it told like that. I hear you on some curious moments of course, but overall, really good. Particularly liked all Stecyk moments and many Glen E. lines.
And yeah, Matt Reason rips!

Loo Ganida said...

Makes me want to slap on some 60s and roll fast!!!!