chrome ball incident #834: smoke on the water

Q: Did you invent the K-Grind?
A: No, Dan Peterka was the first guy I've seen do it." -Eric Koston

"Pro skateboarding just didn’t seem like it was a big deal to him. And at the time, it really wasn’t. We were all broke back then. So I think it was easy for him to walk away from $300 a month. It doubt it was a hard choice at all." -Jason Rogers

An admittedly smaller post today but I honestly didn't realize I even had this much of the enigmatic Dan Peterka. A personal favorite, dude dropped his amazing Next Generation opener and then proceeded to vanish into thin air before resurfacing some years later as a pro snowboarder. 


Oh what could've been. 

With 1992 as a whole being generally pretty disgusting in the style department, nobody was doing the tricks he was doing with as much finesse and nonchalance as he was at the time. 

Stoked to finally be able to eek out a post on this dude. 


Skately said...

Sooooo smooth.

D Howman said...

i skated quite a bit with him, super humble,nice guy. i bet him a coke he couldnt nosebonk a roundrail down a 4' drop (2 wheel bonk)- (with a 1' wide ledge runway (10' drop each side) .....1st try. LEGEND.

nate nola said...

i think he may have something to do with Element now, or did, they released this art book that was a bunch of his photos, and madness, he edited the whole thing.

Keith said...

lol I like how the nose grind scan was named oneoftwopeterkascans.jpg earlier in cbi

Always stoked on his part. Great opener to that video.

ODB said...

Peterka's section was on loop, steez for days.

Dustin Umberger said...

wasn't this the dude who had the Charlie Brown shirt graphic?

Anonymous said...

@Dustin: yes it was

Anonymous said...

His two tricks in the Lick intro are better than the rest of the video. Ace!