chrome ball incident #820: mind playin tricks

Zoo York by way of Houston ripper with the ill lanky style, Anthony Correa.

Ding Dong!
Wish dude would've never gone back home.

That Nicotine has to be one of the all-time best backside smiths I've ever seen. (Note: work on a Monty Nolder post)

...and yes, all Zoo York-related posts from this era also become almost as much about Eli Gesner as they do about the rider. Absolute Genius.

Thanks for the links, Grey.

Be back on  Thursday.


Anonymous said...

damn, that bsflip over the dumpster... look how his facial expression doesn't change at all. effortless style.

Anonymous said...

following on up the bsflip dumpster:

note the mishmash of companies so missed by the head-to-toe singularity and/or necessary nascar-like billboarding of allegiances and contract stipulations.

lakai shirt
és koston 2's
zoo board (only actual sponsor clearly readable, but when photo incentives were still fairly low(?))
baker2g: seven day weekend sticker on board nose. granted baker had not fully presented as a company if not yet a functioning brand and standard logo at this time.

Keith said...

yeah... bs flip over the dumpster is great.

Also that bs smith Nicotine ad... nuts!

What ever did happen to this guy?

Dave said...

Dude is sick. I've been living in Houston for a few years now and it's cool to drive downtown and see some of the spots he's hit over the year.

@Keith - He was running a shop here for a while. http://afronttx.wordpress.com/ A buddy of mine I was in school with said the dudes at the shop kind of vibed my friend when he went in there on some real skate snob shit. In any event, the shop has been closed for a minute. Snob shop or no snob shot, that sucks.

Dave said...

wow, my post was riddled with typos. My bad.

vincent said...

I hope J. Stewart pulls some magic and has a clip or two of Correa in Static 4.

Royce said...

One of my all-time favs. 1up Chops!

Wayne Patrick said...

Homie had a pretty solid boutique skateshop going for a bit, but too bad he spent all of it's money on coke.

vincent said...

Damn... that is unfortunate.

P.S Wayne Patrick, the Houston section of Static 2 will always be a favorite... Peace.

Correa said...

Very Funny Wayne... Unfortunately I had to close my shop in Houston because of problems with my business partner and money issues in a down economy. I did not spend all my money on "Coke". Wayne is a good friend friend of mine and I hope you guy's know he was joking. I'm working with Select Skate shop in Houston now. @Keith @Vincent

Big thank you to the Chrome ball incident for the post!!!

-Anthony Correa

vincent said...


word! thanks for clearing that all up. good to hear.