chrome ball incident #811: turnit loose

"Matt's approach to skating and his approach to music are one in the same in the sense that he's super fluid with everything he does. Just super natural ability and talent. It's just inherent in him." -TG

another Sacto fave and one of the most underrated dudes out there, Matt Rodriguez

5:35 trips me out. So sick.

thanks to the tap.


K said...

I tried, for years, to find a copy of that song he skated in "A Visual Sound." No luck. I even asked Jason & Chris a demo. I'm sure they had no idea what became of the original CD or tape.
But remember when him and the other Matts went dread? I used to kick it w/some dudes who were on the same I-Path (or Wallys), cargos and ridiculous ledge and rail ish. I miss that funky lil culture.

JayCee said...

My Dude! I'll always have love for this guy! One of skateboarding's finest. He recently sent me a little message about fatherhood, and as always, nothing but positive energy.

Andy Vibes said...

K. Matt's song from "A Visual Sound" is Slow Ride Soul by Tommy Guerrero. It was unreleased for a long time but was included on his Backintheday EP along with Billy Valdes' song from the Spitfire video.

Now where to find Tres Pollos Locos.

Keith said...

Awesome that he was on Chapter 7 with Oscar Jordan and Kanten Russel.

Like the fakie heel of Beryl. It seems he's always been good at heel flips. Loose truck thing is super crazy.

Anonymous said...

His Ipath part is real dope.

Dave said...

wow, that b/s smith is incredible.

pagoda said...

Anybody know where to get a copy of the song he skated to in Tin can folklore? I have looked for it but no luck. I think it's Pao...Mr Sunshine. That 180 to 180 pivot thing he did in there was awesome. I like how he came up with that on the go. Dude has always been a favorite of mine.