#809: how to look heavy metal for the chicks

"Skateboarding is more a part of my life than I had ever realized. I quit and didn’t have anything at all to do with skateboarding for nearly 10 years—then one day, how important it is it all came back and hit me. It’s defined so much of my life and my thinking. I wouldn’t be who I am without skateboarding and I feel privileged to have been a pro skateboarder." -Jason Lee


Cris said...

Never realized how similar (at least in photos) Jason's style is to Julien's. Quiet, casual, efficient. Some real gems in there.

Great post, as-always.


Anonymous said...

one of the reasons I learned a proper 360 flip & backside flip. I really dug his quote about his love of skateboarding. respect.


Keith said...

great post. One of the best 360 flips and styles ever.

His ex-wife has been in the news lately with regard to Tomkat's divorce and the whole Scientology thing. Coincidence with the timing of this post?

bs flip pic in the Firing Line is a terrible photo! Didn't think it was possible to have a bad photo of JLee.

2003 360 flip photo is amazing as is the first sequence.

bs 180 fakie 50-50 on the contest rail... When is that? 91? That's pretty advanced for back then.

Poweredge cover with the ear flap helmet is great.

Leiv said...

The front board pic from the 95 tws is one of my all time favorite skate photos. Perfect shape on that trick.

chops said...

Thanks guys.

Keith, yeah, that photo is pretty much bunk but I love J.Lee's answers in that thing.

bs180 to 50/50 was 90. So advanced.

and I love comparing the third frame from the 89 sequence to the 2003 photo. so sick.

Royce said...

Frontside Tailgrab.... Thank you!

dan77 said...

I think Nestor Judkins skates a lot like Jason in the Visual Sound days and that's a good thing, similar style of dress too.

mdspb said...

Agree that b/s 180 to fakie 50/50 on a rail was advanced for 1990, but important to remover that Gonz did the f/s version at least 2 years prior.

Just saying.

Great work as always!

mdspb said...


(damn iPhone)

barry barry said...

One of the greatest styles ever on a skateboard, his part in visual sound will stay strong forever