chrome ball incident #803: respect

Rest in Peace
Jaya Bonderov


chops said...

Been meaning to have Jaya on here for the longest time. It's a shame that it takes something like this for such a deserved post to happen.


Robert said...

Met him at Ft. Miley in the mid 90's. After skating bombed the hills to the beach to grab something to eat. Never been so scared in my life trying to keep up with him. Had just met me but took the time to show me around and hang out. A genuine good person and ripper. Rest in Peace Jaya.

Unknown said...

Rest in Peace Jaya. Thanks for inspiring us back in the 90's.
- Mo from the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

wow, sad to hear this. RIP jaya, and peace to his family and close pals.

Jason Penick said...

What a sad bit of news. I had the pleasure of working with him for a while. A great artistic mind and great skater. RIP Jaya. I broke out the black overdyed Adrenalin jeans in your honor.

Keith said...

RIP Jaya. Dude was super gnarly.

The Chez said...

Oh wow. That's a real bummer.
I really loved Adrenalin. Was my favorite company at the time. Just seemed so grassroots at a time when it was needed in the industry.
I really liked Jaya as a skater and respected his photography even more. His K grinds were just so stylish. His photography had such vibrance to it as well.

The Chez said...

Chops, I can't believe you never had Jaya on here. What kind of 90's skater are you???

chops said...

thanks guys.

I'm just gonna keep this one up through the weekend. Doesn't really feel right posting up something else right now. CBI will be back on Monday.

haha, Chez. You're right! To be honest, the thing that still drives me crazy is that I don't have the flick of Jaya doing that grab off that pillar... looks like its a support beam to a bridge maybe? Been trying to find that forever.

Come to think of it... that might've actually been Senn. Anyone know?

Be back Monday.

Anonymous said...

Such a fucking bummer. Here is the news story link if anyone wants to read it:

Does anyone have the Slap with the photo of him grinding a big round rail with a huge drop on one side? It is one of the gnarliest photos I have ever seen (I have been to the spot, you couldn't have paid me enough to try and grind it)

RIP in peace!! -veganshawn

E.Y. said...

Damn, what sad news. Jaya was definitely a ripper and quite a gifted lensman as well. He will surely be missed. Rip In Peace, Jaya.

Don't feel bad about not posting him prior to this, Chops. His time on CBI would have come. What you're doing is not easy. Keep up the good work!

Blackwell said...

its always sad to hear the loss of any skater but it always seems to be the most insperational we keep loosing. he was one of the skaters i would watch and think thats how i want to be in some ways, skate fast, skate hard and he was never scared of a street grab, he made that shit look good. Real big loss. sad times

sleep well and rest easy

justin said...

Skateboarding lost another great one. My friends and I were fans from when he turned pro.