chrome ball incident #799: mizake the mizan

"Always candy." -Jeremy Klein

This post was in no small part inspired by this.

Definitely one of my favorite interview subjects over the course of doing this site. Such a rad dude who really challenged a lot of the ways I thought about skateboarding up until that point. Respect.

...and the announcer here is pretty incredible, too. 

Alright party people, I'm conducting an interview tonight and starting a new job on Friday so that's a wrap for this week. Wish me luck.

The Chrome Ball Incident's 800th post (!!!) will be Monday.


jaybird said...

good luck on the new job.

Chrome Ball Super Fan said...

Great post and that ESPN contest clip is so good.

Good luck with the new gig.

Never end this site.

Brendan said...

The undisputed king of Beryl Banks-Always been a huge fan of Jeremy's.
All the best with the new job,roll on #800!

Keith said...

I didn't know the new job was so soon. Good luck with the move... clock some serious miles.

That announcer is beyond entertaining lol

That fastplant is super big.

stephen said...

I'll say it again. I really like this dude.

dr said...

Man that first ad is a rarity, Poweredge?

fg said...

Good luck with the new job man! Thanks for the Rattray post the other day, and every single one by the way! Long live the CBI.

K said...

His part in Rubbish Heap is still one of my favorites. I was so psyched to get that + 2 World Men on DVD when the whole World back catalog was released.

Dave said...

Good luck in the new job, Chops. Hope you're psyched on whatever the gig is.

Can't wait for 800.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, dood!

chops said...

thanks guys. siked on the new gig, for sure.

keith, the move won't be going down until the fall.

And yes dr, that's from Poweredge. Definitely a hard-to-find one.


that simulated street contest was rad. i have never seen that one before. me thinks its time to bring back a contest like that. 4 of five obstacles. all ranging from decent to janky