chrome ball incident #790: sadder than a funeral

So rad being able to watch so many of my childhood heroes still out there tearing it up in a reasonable facsimile of the Combi Bowl.

...even if I did lose 10 bucks on Chris Miller.

And as far as Grosso goes, it totally rules to see him out there ripping. Repping Anti-Hero and writing Loveletters, I can't back this dude enough.

Just waiting for the day he boardslides around the entire goddamn bowl.

A little FYI, there will be no Thursday or Friday posts this week due to an impromptu trip to NYC. Thanks.

Also, be sure to check this out:

 Two of CBI's favorites, Mark Whiteley interviews Don Pendleton for the new issue. Awesome.


BLACKFOOT1212 said...


stephen said...

grosso rules. he gives me hope... i'm currently a shitbag.

r. dahl said...

love this guys' humility these days. seems genuine. great pick. love watchin him skate with dudes like hewitt. holds his own. and yeah, hope for shitbags... that's always good.

Brendan said...

Have fun in NYC,Chops!
Still a little weird,not seeing Grosso & Lucero on the same team...Aaaah,the Brovorce : (

Royce said...