chrome ball incident #786: three times dope

"Lance, you ready?"
"Beagle, you ready?"
"Mike, you ready?"

"I don't know what it does. I don't even know why I do it... I just gotta get all this bullshit out of the way."

Thrasher's mega Boss interview from 2002.

Big thanks to the Tap, DLX, Black Box, Wyatt and Jason Rothmeyer.


Anonymous said...

Awesome interview. Hadn't seen this one before.

Also, as much as I enjoy reynolds fs flips/kickflips/bs 3's, I love watching him do non-stock tricks.

Kickflip shifty in sf is too perfect.

Anonymous said...

He REALLY likes Grecco huh?

screwhead said...


Keith said...

Never seen that interview before. Thanks! Dude definitely has longevity.

kf shifty really is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Post his Soty interview.

dj twit said...

Reynolds is so good. cheers for posting

Dave said...

The dude keeps on ripping. It's been fun to watch the many phases of Reynolds.

I never liked that nollie noseslide photo. I thought the frame it was caught in looked odd. Nonetheless, Reynolds puts it down.

the_notorious_bif said...

Can never get enough of The Boss.
Great post Chops.

PS: Am I the only one why saw the typo in Drew's Thrasher interview? Did Drew think A-Team made "Come Together", or did he say ATM Click and it was typed as A-Team clip? It makes me wonder how many Baker kids went looking for this nonexsistant video because The Boss liked and got pissed that they couldn't find it.

Unknown said...

Someday people will understand that he is the best street skater of all times.