Just a quick note to explain what’s going on next week.

In honor of Van Wastell’s 28th birthday on Sunday, CBI is proud to be presenting a special guest post by Van’s brother, Eddie. Full of old family photos, personal anecdotes and everything else, we’ve been piecing this thing together for a while now and it really turned out to be something quite extraordinary.

Sick, right? 

Well, what happened was some of Van’s homies caught wind of Eddie’s post and felt it was only right for them to pay their respects as well. An old friend of Van’s, Ryan Leach, contacted me about the possibility of him sitting down with fellow members of Wastell’s crew for their own guest post and I couldn’t have been more excited. The homies were more than cooperative and Ryan did an amazing job.   

So there will be 2 Guest Posts next week for Van:
Van’s brother on Sunday (Van’s birthday) and Van’s crew on Tuesday.

An amazing talent with so much ahead of him, the Chrome Ball Incident is honored to be presenting this material in Van's memory on behalf of his family and friends.


Jeff Thorburn said...

Really looking forward to this. Van Wastell should not and will not be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

chops, this blog just keeps getting better and better. every time i think you've gone over and above, you yourself raise the bar. you're into new territory on this one, and i think it'll go beyond just words and pictures.

this is a terrific idea. i'm stoked to see what everyone contributes. i can't help but think van would be honored just to be a part of the deal. RIP van. you'll live forever in our memories.

this blog just oozes soul.

Sean said...

"I wear vans, because it gives me a reason to wake up in the morning."-wastell. Maybe the same can be said about checking CBI? Van was a big inspiration for me and I look forward to next week.

jay said...


Skately said...

New Game of Thrones and now this... Sunday night is looking epic!

White Ninja said...

I do not post very often. Just wanted to say I am looking forward to this. From what I have seen from Van was always amazing style.You know someone is a good skateboarder when just watching them looks fun and makes you want to skateboard. Van always did this for me.