#768: not sport, martial art

"I don't want to hear that Trilogy stuff no more."

this kid was amazing.

have a good weekend, fellas.

special post coming up next week.


Anonymous said...

What a waste of talent!

K said...

I hate being that dude that asks, but erm what happened to Lavar. His part in 20 Shot Sequence was THE STRAIGHT DOPE LIKE WHOA. He peaked with Trilogy and a couple of other joints, and then kinda disappeared. Burnout? Drugs? Retirement? Boredom? Single Speed/Fixed Gear bikes?

Anonymous said...

Last time I heard about Lavar: Link Europe Tour ( an obscure Cliché related skateshoe company...)during the summer 2003. Marcus Mc Bride was on that tour so I asked him about his brother, his answer was that Lavar was back to school. So I guess he kinda left the skateboarding scene to focus on academics or whathever....too lame and too bad he disappeared from the skateboarding scene. I think he attempted a comeback a few years back, he dropped an entire new part on Youtube, but he's just a faded skater nowadays...He was a helluva skater back in the days though. Mad respect

Anonymous said...

Dude was amazing in Trilogy. Loved watching his part and Ronnie Craeger. Get an interview with Craeger. Dude is so underrated it's not even funny. Never really got the props he deserves.

Anonymous said...

You guys are tripping
Part from a few months ago

Brendan said...

Yep-Golden State Of Mind.
Skates as smooth as a teflon banana.

Daniel Castillo,soon,Chops? He He ; )

Keith said...

So many lines in the Jimmy Cliff Trilogy part! Amazing.