chrome ball incident #755: listen up

been meaning to have this guy on here for a while but he always slipped through the cracks.

the nollie master, danny montoya.

this part is a beast.

big up to templeton elliott, the skateboard mag, habitat and grey.

and congrats to austin kanfoush and my man rob starr for representing the 'burgh lovely.


Anonymous said...

been waiting for a Danny post.

One of the most underrated skaters ever.

jim said...

coincidence that the week started off with one half of a (previous) brea/fullerton duo followed up by another half of a still-strong LBC duo?

an odd couples/bosom buddies themed week?

or just a danny(s) week?
or hispanic descent week?
or hispanic danny(s) descent week?

bcoop said...

Psyched that you got this guy up on here, dope style and one of the best ever on a ledge!

Sean said...

Love what this guy does. Not just tech for tech's sake. Actually does tricks that look cool and make sense for the spot. He's still ripping too. Hope BLVD sticks around.

Anonymous said...

@Jim: good call, I mean D-Gar from Peru and danny Montoya has Colombian roots right? Both technical skilled skaters with latinamerican roots..

By the way whathever happened to Danny Montoya?? Is he still skating??

Peace - Kayoto

Templeton said...

Big up to you Chops. You do all the work, I just try to point people in the right direction.

Legweak said...

Always stoked on D Mon! I actually had those Duff kicks he's sporting on the transworld cover... I thought they were sick just cause he rocked em! I remember watching the shit out of that old rhythm video genesis... thanks for the post chops! Bringing up the best of memories.

Steve M said...

That frontside noseslide down the white Hubba is creamy.

Also, I always liked this guy's switch tails.

Keith said...

Always liked Montoya's video parts.