chrome ball incident #745: zimmerman

"He came up from Panama and was gnarly commando-style: sleeping in the park and just getting by but full-on skating. He loved to skate and I loved to skate so we started hanging out all the time, just being street rats. We’d sneak into the movies or into night clubs. He was always down for whatever." -Jahmal Williams

Was always a fan of this part... but this one is seriously bonkers.
Such a sick style.
Be back Thursday.


Royce said...

!!!!!!! 1up

K said...

man toy machine could've been a completely diff't company if they'd kept that early line up. while i appreciate when they started picking up all the crazies from Philly, etc, man they had a very cool vibe and great soundtracks.

PS Andy Roy made it onto TMZ. Scary. People who read that site have no idea how batshit insane dude is http://www.tmz.com/2012/01/15/dmx-andy-roy-choke-attack-hug/

Keith said...

damn... that Wheels of Fortune is great. sw wall ride was great. And the 360 flip over the hydrant. wow.

Dudes who had big pop back then... their footage ages better than most. He's got a unique style.

Leiv said...

I believe in God and his name is Chops, because my prays have been answered.
Stoked! I haven’t seen that 411 wof in ages.

Lucas said...

I had forgotten that Panama Dan skated for Nation. And Keith's right: big pop is timeless.

And, yeah, the early Toy Machine line-up was pretty uneven. Joe Nemeth? I remember Ed Templeton saying that, pre-J.T., he'd put on dudes he met at the HB park or who sent in decent sponsor-me tapes.

Anonymous said...

Never seen that 411 part. So good!

Reminds me of a 90's East Coast Busenitz!

some poser said...

you fucking rule for this

Henry said...

Verily I say unto you, Be still, and know this is the chrome ball incident.

Anonymous said...

Sick post!!!

I don't even remember Nation. Who was all on that team?

Anonymous said...

What shoes is he wearing in the ad with the 50 50 on the bench?

Jeff said...

"Joe Nemeth?"

Exactly! He's an old Vegas head that rode for TM for a quick second... Ended up moving to SLC and turned pro for Scarecrow many moons ago!

Guy used to be a real a jerk, would throw fits like a baby when he would get one-uped!

Bif said...

When I was a kid, Kevin Barnett gave me the 411 that had Panama Dan's Wheels Of Fortune in it (411 Issue 24). It was back in 1997 when Barnett was still in KC working at Let It Ride. He gave it to me as a "Get Well" gift after I had a really gnarly ankle operation. The Panama Dan part was one of the highlight of that issue. I watched it all the time, over and over again. I drove my Mom crazy during those 9 months I couldn't Skate. Hahaha!
Panama Dan's Wheels Of Fortune was everything a good part should be. I was fun, exciting, the tricks were crazy and most of all... It made me want to Skate. It was Video parts like his WOF hat helped me stay motivated to get well, so I could Skate again.
Anyway... Mr. Zimmerman was one of my favorite riders during Toy's early days, I hope he's doing well.

Great job Chops.

PS: Sorry about the long winded trip down memory lane.