chrome ball incident #737: do you see?

Gotta admit that I've been snoozing on this dude.

Even in the face of countless requests for Caesar posts, it honestly wasn't until seeing Manolo's latest opus that I finally caught a late pass and saw the error in my ways.

And in other news, just want to help spread the word about a few Van Wastell pages that have come to my attention via Van's brother, Eddie. Quality stuff.

Special thanks to Deluxe for the links.


Sonny said...

That Manolo mix was amazing! Such a great style.

Anonymous said...

Been waiting on this one.

Thanks Chops!

K said...

Brotha Singh. Reppin' the brown team like whoa. I had the issue of Transworld w/his profile in it for ages. I think I finally lost it when I moved out of my last apartment in college.

sm said...

on other topic; alreadybeendone it already done? isn't it?

chops said...

Thanks guys.

Yes sm, it appears abd is mostly d these days unfortunately.

Thanks for the support.

Skately said...

That half cab fs noseslide sequence is so sick! Always liked his style.

In related news, another longtime Long Beach local and friend John Sirmon was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and is fighting for his life. To help John in his fight come out to the Vans in Orange this Saturday or visit http://savesirmon.com/.

Keith said...

I always liked Ceasar. He's got a nice style. He's got a touch of Jovontae in his style sometimes. Not always but sometimes. Mixtape is great! I don't even remember him being on PE. What year was that interview from? I always remember his Santa Cruz days. That nose slide bs 270 out on a rail was nuts.

There's a pic of him with some poker trophy lookin' a bit thicker than his skating days.

JJ said...

Thanks for finally posting this Chops! Wish this dude had a part in Mouse. I know he had no relation to Girl but for some reason his style in tricks would have fit with them IMO.

Chip Van Ham said...

Used to skate with this guy in some dumb school spot in Solana Beach on occasion...he honestly was every bit as good as Koston. Did every fucking trick so effortlessly. He even fell effortlessly!!

I think of this dude weekly, pretty much every time I order a caesar salad.