#730: three the hard way



This one goes out to all those East Coast amateurs who fell through the cracks and never got the shine they deserved.

one, two and three.


Five-o Cheapster said...

Sick post - another bunch of good ams. What happened to Alvarez? Any chance of Devlin making an appearance?

ben colen said...

awesome post. mike graham is the shit.

White Ninja said...

I agree with colen. Mike graham was a local at a skatepark I used to go to when I was a kid. Glad to see he got a post.

Anonymous said...

fucking great post.

all those Joey ALvarez photos are sick! Who was he on?

Keith said...

Every ledge shot of Graham is on a waist high ledge. That Credo clip is sick. Smooth style, big pop. Good combo. What happened to this guy?

Who did that Alvarez guy skate for?

I also know very little about Ivan Perez. His name was mentioned in the Menace Epicly Laterd.

Lucas said...

Joey Alvarez skated for Cream and possibly Infamous. I think Steven Cales referred to him in his 60/40 ad with the letter from jail—"Joey from Brooklyn, who calls World and pretends he's me to get boards." Or something. That frontside crooked grind shot is one of my favorite photos ever. And he's even wearing Menace jeans.

Ivan Perez may have skated for Infamous, too. He and Joey were supposed to be ridiculously good.

Anonymous said...

Drugs can ruin an attempt at a career real quick.

Phil said...

f*ck yeah