chrome ball incident #711: megalomania

Melons, pop shuvs, switch hardflips... and oh yeah, that trademark grind of his.

East Coast crusher and friend of CBI, Mr Donny Barley.

Whether you prefer Welcome to Hell or Underachievers (the latter for me), there's no denying that dude was on a serious roll right there.


Leiv said...

Technically EE3 would be the better part because there 2x the footage, but I've got to go with Welcome to Hell because it's edited so well to Sabbath.

Dude has got to one of the best styles ever. He just looks so good on a board.

K said...

If I remember correctly, there's an error in the credits for "Welcome to Hell." Donny Barley skates to the final verse of "Megalomania," not "The Thrill of It All" (note:starting at 6:24..."SUCK ME!" is the opening cue).

The music for the Zero commercial is "Supertzar." Both songs are from 'Sabotage.'

This has been your Hessian update for the day. Rock on.

clug said...


Keith said...

EE3 for the win.

BB interview was good... not as good as his CBI one though! kf wallride!

Anonymous said...

Are you alright is an underrated video.


dan77 said...

When I was a kid me and my friends were so obsessed with Welcome to Hell that my buddy used to tell people his name was Donny Barley