chrome ball incident #703: straight-up menace

"Shit... tryin' to quit my team? I'm gonna have to break your legs."

Kinda tired tonight so I figured I'd welcome in the weekend with one of my all-time favorite interviews, Big Brother's Fabian Alomar piece from 1998. Classic material.

...already anxious for the MNC Epicly Later'ds to come out. 


The Chez said...

That opening picture to the interview says it all. I bet Kosick pissed his pants a couple times on that shoot. Hell, I would've too!
Damn, I forgot how good Fabian was. I guess I slept on the whole Menace thing cause it wasn't my deal. Those kids were good. Can't wait for the stories in Epicly Later'd.

Anonymous said...

I miss the golden age of lockwood.

Dave said...

I was never really a big fan of Fabian till he made his recent comeback on the crail couch and with the Frank Hurts stuff. He seems like a very funny and intelligent guy; and that Big Brother interview is tight!

Dude has been through it, and I like that he's trying to do some positive stuff. Still trying to figure out where I can catch that documentary he did "Bombing the System."

That Epicly Later'd should be really good.

Pep said...

The Menace 20 Shot Sequence section was the most watched video of my early skate years...at least once before every session!

Keith said...

hf over the roof gap is nuts. I'll never understand normal stance heel flips.

Fabian's always had a killer fs flip and fs 180 nose grind.

Glad to see him around again. That Frank Hurt's shit makes me chuckle.

Looking forward to the Menace Epicly Laterd as well. Not sure how complete it will be without Kareem.

Anonymous said...

Kareem didn't want to do the Epicly Later'd?

Anonymous said...

haha - i love pupecki, don't get me wrong, but the b/s nosegrind on the second ad down is complete bullshit, for he reason that just out of frame is the end of the ledge running directly into both a gap to another ledge, and a tiny piece of flat, and then another three stair going UP. That's to say, it is absolutely impossible to land that trick. There is no landing. It's not even like you could land on grass. For that reason alone, that might be the most MNC Tech trick of all time.

For spot reference, it's in fron of the LA Coliseum, adn SJ does a gap to crooked the second ledge for his first trick in The Chocolate Tour.

Anonymous said...

Any excuse to show the Pu-tang photo! :p

Keith said...


I don't think it's the same spot as SJ's first trick in Choco Tour.

Anonymous said...

its lame how i belong to the 21st century skate generation because i wouldnt know who the hell fabian was if it wasnt for frank hurts or chops.
better late than never, right?
getting my skate history down.
solid dude, arriva la raza

-fresh from mex

Anonymous said...


stephen said...

dude that pupecki bs nosegrind is not at the coliseum... it was a ledge on wilshire blvd in westwood at a movie theater. i dont think it's been skate-able for a long time though. trust me... around the time of that ad i was going to school at UCLA which is walking distance from that thing. i think they put a fence or something on top of the ledge in the late 90's

ODG said...

Just noticed the size of the wheels in that Spitfire ad.. 39's. Sheesh..

sbobet said...

I miss the golden age of lockwood.