#696: the chrome ball experience

"Why do they wax curbs that are red? There's no need for wax."

Gotta admit that I mistakenly slept-on this dude after his leaving World Industries... which is a shame because looking back on it now, I think that is when he got infinitely times more interesting.

Rocco menace turned 60/40 Milk Clicker, Ron Chatman.

20 years later, I still think of this dude everytime I see a bluntslide.

p.s. congrats Lakai!


Keith said...

In that Milk ad, is that the same gap that Guy does?

I like that Venture tail grab and how his hand is offset.

Is that first pic a noseblunt slide? His board is so vert!

I think I read recently that he's a school teacher now.

Royce said...

Thanks Chops! One of my all time favs.

stephen said...

Loving this week so far. I must have had a dozen of those ron chatman experience boards back in the day. That first photo is awesome... That outfit looks comfy. Haha.

Dave said...

Apparently Dewey, Cheetem & Howe is a fictitious law firm used in a variety of settings: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dewey,_Cheatem_%26_Howe

That first flick (b/s noseblunt, or switch f/s blunt) is rad!

Giles said...

Pretty sure it's a frontside nose blunt slide. Over the corner and popping out.

smorales said...

I was just watching a bunch of the 60/40 commercials on the skately website the other day. Alot of good stuff here. Killer style.

J.Klotz said...

This dude still skates everyday and rips supppperrrrr hard. Skated channel street with him this weekend and lets jus say he blew minds.

Mika said...

Haha the last page with the ollie over the car. Check out the big picture. Jeremy Klein sitting in the backround and his face expression Is like: What the fuck!!!! Priceless. Must have been a gigantic ollie, that even Klein who was ollieng hugh, got so impressed.

Very good follower to the J. Lee post. Thanks

antoinucci said...