chrome ball incident #671: soul on ice

"It's taboo to floss from skateboarding."

From the backyard to the big leagues (and everywhere in-between), I figured Little Rob would make an interesting contrast to yesterday's Joe Lopes post. Take from it what you will.

Project Bluebook? One of Big Brother's best. 2001.


K said...

Rob and Big went from a kinda funny commercial in skate vids to an unfunny MTV cash cow. I can't knock another dude's hustle, but is he really getting money like that?

What are we all doing wrong!

Anonymous said...

Good god, what a douche bag.

Anonymous said...

What a complete tool. Like Sheckler, P-Rod, Cole, Pierre, etc. When one has a show on MTV, enters a Dew Cup, Maloof Cup, etc. You are a sellout. The skateboarders I admire do it for the love...not the money.

r. dahl said...

well, dude took his opportunity when he saw it. i don't think he'd profess to be anything other than a guy that's trying to be good at business and take care of himself. that's what he is. and i disagree with rob brink about street league sucking. it is what it is... a watered down version of skating stuck in a pro sports mold. look at it for what it is and don't expect more... some people just want money and i'm not sure there's too much wrong with that given the current state of the world. but yeah, dude's style kinda sucks

Anonymous said...

Man I was pretty stoked on Seek when it started, shame it didn't last.

Anonymous said...

sk8 reality TV....boo.
he'd be more legit to me if he still put out legit parts like Frosty or Reynolds.

Dave said...

Man, I don't care what anyone says, Dyrdek is the man. I don't agree with some of his business decisions, and he definitely wanted to commercialize himself, but at least he's honest about thole damn thing. He was always a business-minded guy, even before the mainstream commercials and reality shows. Is he kind of full of himself? Maybe, but he just seems like a cool ass dude who wants to get paid, but still does a lot of things for the love of skateboarding. To me, he's still the real deal.

I love the clip from Kalis' epicly later'd where he's like "I'm sooooo far up river." And the scan with the 10 career tips is hilarious, but damn if that ain't good advice.

Nice post, Chops. People need to respect this guy. Even if he comes off as corny, he's stuck with DC and Alien since he got on. He's obviously loyal. I still have an old Droors ad up in the room at my parent's house of him varial heelflipping off a loading dock.

dellpatricks said...

that gap in Columbus Ohio where he has the Beastie Boys shirt is HUGE and rough. I used to look at it in person when I was a kid skating in Ohio. Too bad the photo doesn't do it justice.

peel said...

mission accomplished

Anonymous said...

People don't seem to like it when pros make money but that's what being a pro is.

And how is entering a contest being a "sellout"?

I skated one of Rob's parks today. Thanks Rob.

Keith said...

Been stoked on Dyrdek since G&S Footage. However corny he is now with all the shows and shit, he's getting paid. I don't blame him. Giving back to skateboarding via plazas? Sounds good.

That back tail on the hockey boards in Montreal... I was there. That was a contest series they had for a few summers in a row. He was good... swishy pants and all lol

I like that since day one ad.

I never understood that taxidermy shit he and DC had going on. So lame.

roster hop and costume change advice are awesome! mainstream sponsor money up front haha

I just read something at ccs via facebook about his new Alias lite shoe. Kinda stoked on it.

Anonymous said...

Rob was amazing on G&S and has since that fallen deeper for every year. All this acting cool and fresch gets very boring, when it just a facade for insecurity.

Another loud mouth with nothing to say - media CEOs loves him, they think that it's what the public likes.

chops said...

thanks guys.

i can definitely understand points on both sides of the fence but i've always been down for Rob. i can't necessarily back everything he does but i've always believed his heart to be in the right place.

skateboarding is a very complex thing in 2011 and although his vision of where he'd like to take it may not match my own, i can confidently say that he will treat it with respect.

Even if you do think he's a cornball on those shows, he does bring along with him some really great things from our culture that are presented to the world at-large. Utilizing Viacom to unknowingly transmit a Kalis tre-flip or some Don Pendleton artwork to millions of people isn't a bad thing.

As far as Street League goes, I have to admit that I am uneasy watching it but I do watch it and don't hate myself for doing so. The fact of the matter is, contests suck. Always have and always will. Its the nature of the beast. But while taking that into consideration, it is done very well. No, its not perfect, and yes there have been some cringeworthy moments... but anybody that had to suffer through those first couple years of the X-Games knows that it can be a whole lot worse.

And honestly, I could care less about Nyjah but I appreciate anytime I can see TPuds do his thing.

Honestly, no matter what the next big thing to come along is that will supposedly "ruin skateboarding", I can still go out by myself in the middle of the night and slappy a curb. That's what really matters. I've seen enough of these doomsday prophecies over the years to realize that skateboarding is what you make of it. That should be why you started in the first place.

Just my opinion. Not saying its right or wrong or that it won't change tomorrow.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Congrats on the Oyola series, Patrick. Incredible.

clug said...

NO. Thankyou. Chops.

agreed other than awkard street league (which I'm gonna watch anyways). Dyrdek gets the life pass. Pure entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Kickflip, bs tail, 50-50 and nosegrind. C'mon no progression since G&S?
Those trick are alwyas so fresh.

Anonymous said...

If its time to make a television show then its time for a retirement deck. His last part looked like a struggle, "fuck the streets".
Nothing will ever ruin skateboarding, nor your blog for that matter. But this goof definitely sticks out from the rest of your choice professionals.
Sorry for the hate.