chrome ball incident #655: instant karma

"Everyone's same old Shane. Same person, same tricks, same style. Same spot but different stance." -The Gav, 1994.

Former Blind liar and current Podium honcho/colonic advocate, Tim Gavin

And that backside heel over the sandbox is still a thing of beauty. Love that ad.

Sorry for the delay in posting... there's been some problems.

Big up to the Hundreds.


K said...

How can you not love Tim's part in "Tim and Henry's Pack of Lies." I can only imagine what it must've been like. Thinking that a new, insane, Blind video was just around the corner.

Keith said...

BB collage cover is awesome.

Always a fan.

Henry said...

The 90s get bagged on for being a time of big pants, small wheels, and ugly style. But Gavin was smooth- in Pack of Lies, he casually killed those curbs at the beach, did flip tricks with (seemingly) no effort... I always liked that skateboarding best; when someone does something sick, and it looks like they're not even trying.

Chris said...

His fakie 5-0 in the 'Friends' section in 'Virtual Reality' sticks in my mind. A basic trick today, but that was the best I had seen up to that point. The paper/rubbish under the wheels was memorable too.

Super smooth style. 'Tim & Henry's' has to be one of the best VHS tapes I've still got.

Jeff said...

One of Tim's best ad's was the Blind ad with him in the Barbie car with Barbie and her friends and then also the Big Brother cereal box with the sugar coated penis pops!

Anonymous said...

Agreed re: Pack of Lies. He does a heroic noseblunt slide at the beginning, totally locked in and commanding.

Andy Vibes said...

The Rudy Johnson board he's riding in that fakie crooked grind photo is such a classic.